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IMG_8725 by Ugne Pouwell on Flickr.
[L i k e T w o S t r a n g e r s] by Corinna Dumat on Flickr.
untitled by -seal tattoo- on Flickr.
untitled by Corinna Dumat on Flickr.
° by 333Bracket on Flickr.
untitled by MRZ Arts on Flickr.
Pierre by Camerino.P on Flickr.
untitled by Somos libres otra vez on Flickr.
1º sessão….koi by RinzoTattoo on Flickr.
by tattoosbylewis on Flickr.
My Japanese dragon tattoo by Cliff Judson on Flickr.
Self Portrait. by NEW|photography (Formerly: Nikki Loux Photography) on Flickr.
Ricardo Cavolo by Pablo Thecuadro on Flickr.
Frederico by carol casari on Flickr.

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